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Please, I hope you enjoy this first blog post in a series of which I call, the “We Are Hybrids” series. This will be a constantly ongoing series because, well, we are Anunnaki hybrids, yet everyone keeps refusing to acknowledge it.

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List of Books Detailing the Anunnaki Lineage

First thing’s first, this is just going to be a short version and a quick summary of the Anunnaki. This will not be an exhausted list, but it will be thorough. If you want extreme detail, then you should look into the following books:

Are you interested in learning more about the Anunnaki, a mysterious ancient civilization? If so, there are many books available that can help you gain insight into this fascinating culture. Here is a list of some of the most popular books on the Anunnaki to get you started:

  1. The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin – This classic book from 1976 is considered one of the best works on Sumerian mythology and has become an essential resource for those looking to learn more about the Anunnaki. It focuses heavily on text from ancient Mesopotamian sources as well as other archaeological evidence, making it an excellent starting point for anyone interested in studying this topic further.
  1. When They Ruled by Moustafa Gadalla – This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of Ancient Egyptian history and provides detailed information regarding their interactions with other civilizations such as Sumerians and Babylonians who were also connected with what we know today as “The Annunaki” or “Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came” (as they were known back then). It includes plenty of illustrations too!

3. Gods Of Eden By Andrew Collins – In his work Gods Of Eden author Andrew Collins offers readers a thought-provoking look at how our modern world may have been shaped by extraterrestrial forces including those associated with The Annunaki mythos over thousands years ago.. He draws upon both scientific research and alternative theories which makes it great read for anyone wanting to explore these topics further without being bogged down in technical language or complex ideas that might be difficult for beginners understand easily . 

4 .The Lost Book Of Enki By Zecharia Sitchin – Another important work from renowned scholar Zecharia Sitchen ,this time focusing specifically on Enki ,the leader among gods who was believed responsible creating mankind according to Mesopotamian myths ..In addition providing translations key texts related story he also examines various interpretations stories offer potential insights into past events relating them current times make them relevant us today’s readers alike !

Okay, the Anunnaki…

Ah, the Anunnaki. The mysterious ancient Sumerian gods that have been talked about for centuries. But what is their complete history? Well, according to ancient Sumeria, the Anunnaki were a group of powerful deities who ruled over all aspects of life in Mesopotamia from around 4500 BC until they mysteriously disappeared some time after 2000 BC.

In many ways, these gods are like superheroes – they could fly through the sky and control lightning and thunderstorms with their magical powers! They also had an advanced understanding of science and technology which allowed them to build great monuments such as ziggurats (pyramid-like structures).

The most important thing we know about them is that they created humans by mixing clay with blood taken from one or more members of their own race – this was done so that humans could be used as slaves to do work for them in gold mines located on Earth’s surface. This story has been passed down throughout generations since then; however it remains unclear why exactly the Anunnaki vanished without a trace…

The history of the Anunnaki is one that has been shrouded in mystery for centuries. According to ancient Sumerian texts, the Anunnaki were a race of gods who descended from heaven to Earth and created mankind. They are said to have come from Nibiru, an unknown planet beyond Neptune, and arrived on Earth around 450,000 years ago.

The Anunnaki had many roles in early societies including teaching humans how to farm crops and domesticate animals as well as building cities like Uruk which was considered the first city ever built by man. The most famous story about them is that they created man out of clay using their own genetic material so humans could work for them in gold mines located throughout Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq).

In addition to creating mankind, it’s believed that they also gave us written language along with other advances such as mathematics and astronomy which helped shape our modern civilization today. After leaving earth around 2200 BC due disagreements between different factions within their society ,they left behind a legacy still seen today through artifacts discovered at archaeological sites across Iraq such as cuneiform tablets containing stories about these gods or even statues depicting some members of this mysterious race . It’s clear why people continue be fascinated by this ancient mythology thousands of years later!

How The Anunnaki Biologically Engineered Humans

The Enuma Elish and the Lost Book of Enki are two ancient texts that tell stories about how mankind was created. According to these sources, it is believed that the god Enki created mankind from clay in a process known as “the fashioning of man”.

In The Lost Book of Enki, which dates back to around 2000 BCE, it is said that when creating humanity, the gods decided to use their own blood mixed with clay. They then molded this mixture into human form and breathed life into them so they could live on Earth as humans do today.

In The Enuma Elish (also known as “The Epic Of Creation”), written sometime between 1700-1200 BCE in Babylonian language Akkadian cuneiform script on seven tablets or pieces of stone tablet fragments , there is a different version given for how humanity was formed by God/s . In this source we learn more details about how exactly man came into being – firstly through Marduk’s slaying Tiamat (a primordial goddess) who had been wreaking havoc among other gods; secondly through dividing her body parts in half; thirdly by using one half for heaven and one half for earth; fourthly he used Kingu’s blood along with dirt from beneath him (Kingu being another primordial deity); fifthly he shaped it all together forming humankind out of his creation – thus giving us our physical bodies but not yet souls or minds until later when Anunnaki deities gave us those gifts too!

 Finally both accounts agree upon what happened afterwards: after having fashioned man out of clay / mud + water mix & split Tiamat’s corpse apart – they made sure humans were able reproduce themselves so they would be able sustain their population numbers over time & become an integral part within Mesopotamian culture eventually becoming its most important species!

When Did the Anunnaki Leave Earth?

Recent archaeological evidence suggests that the Anunnaki left Earth around 2,000 BCE – a time when civilizations such as Mesopotamia began to decline due to environmental changes caused by climate change. It is likely that the Anunnaki had seen these changes coming and decided it was time for them to leave so their influence would not continue any further damage on our planet’s resources or people.

Theories also suggest that this departure may have had something do with a disagreement among members of their own species over who should rule over humanity after they left – some wanted humans kept under control while others believed we should be allowed freedom from oppression instead. Whatever happened between them remains unclear but one thing is certain: without their guidance, human society has gone through immense changes since then!

 Ultimately, we may never know why exactly the Anunnaki chose this moment in history or what motivated them into leaving us behind; however it’s clear from all available evidence that whatever decision was made must’ve held great importance given its lasting impact on our world today!

Panspermia vs Evolution

The debate over whether panspermia or evolution is closest to our origins as a species has been ongoing for centuries. Panspermia, the theory that life on Earth originated from extraterrestrial sources, suggests that organisms were delivered to Earth via comets and other objects in space. Evolutionary theory posits that living things evolved through natural selection and genetic mutation over millions of years. Both theories offer compelling explanations for how we came into existence but which one is closer to the truth?

Proponents of panspermia point out its advantages when compared with evolutionary theory; namely, it eliminates much of the complexity associated with natural selection and mutation by introducing an external source responsible for bringing life forms here in their current form. Additionally, some evidence exists supporting this hypothesis such as meteorites containing organic compounds found on Earth which could have served as building blocks for early organisms if they arrived prior to abiogenesis occurring naturally here on our planet’s surface.

On the other hand evolutionary theorists contend there are too many variables involved in creating new species without outside intervention so panspermic delivery seems unlikely at best while also ignoring essential parts of what makes us human like culture and language development which can not be attributed solely due to genetics alone . Furthermore recent research has suggested that some aspects previously thought exclusive only possible through alien intervention may actually be achievable under certain conditions right here within earthly confines making a strong case against any sort pan-spheric origin story being true .  All things considered both theories have merit but based upon current scientific understanding it appears more likely than not evolution was indeed responsible for creating us humans rather than anything else from beyond our world’s boundaries, according to academia trying to HIDE the truth!

Why is There Only a .2% Racial Diffence In the Human Racial Group?

The human race has been around for thousands of years, and yet the genetic makeup of all humans is remarkably similar. In fact, studies have found that there is only a .2% difference in the genetic makeup between different racial groups. This small percentage may seem insignificant at first glance, but it actually speaks to our shared ancestry and common humanity.

At its core, this low percentage indicates that we are all related on some level; no matter where someone’s ancestors come from or what color their skin is, they share many of the same genes with everyone else on Earth. This means that despite any physical differences among us—including language barriers or cultural distinctions—we are still fundamentally connected through our genetics as members of one global family tree.

This knowledge should help to foster greater understanding and acceptance between people from diverse backgrounds who may otherwise feel disconnected due to external factors such as appearance or upbringing. Ultimately,.this .2% gap serves as a reminder that every person alive today can trace their roots back to a single source: Africa over 200 thousand years ago when Homo sapiens first evolved into existence.. By recognizing this connection we can embrace each other’s uniqueness while also celebrating our shared heritage in order create stronger bonds across cultures worldwide

My Added Opinion From Independent Research

The Anunnaki never left the Earth!  Enlil’s lineage stayed and ruled while it appears Enki’s lineage decided to leave. The reason I say this is because Enki had a conversation with his wife that he and her should go back to Nibiru due to the constantly elevated wars with his brother Enlil and his son, Marduk. Marduk may also have stayed because he was told that he could not return back to Nibiru to rule because he married an earthling woman and that nullified his rights to be heir of the Nibirun throne. So, it appears that the line of Enki and Enlil are still warring and that explains the dark skins and the light skins. It could be that Enlil’s lineage are lighter skin and his brother’s lineage on Earth could be dark skins which would explain quite a bit regarding colonialism and slavery over Africans and Eastern Indians. Enlil was always trying to hide the Anunnaki lineage from earthlings and he was always trying to gain possession of the vested objects such as the Ark of the Covenant and other objects human civilizations had around the world that was sophisticated Anunnaki technology that he did not want exposed to us humans.

Enki was/is the Chief Scientist from Nibiru and he engineered humans to help serve a purpose to help save Nibiru from global catastrophe where all Nibiruns would have perished. So, though we were engineered as servants, we were mistreated by other Anunnaki like Enlil and his lineage and our saviors such as the “Fallen Angels” or rather, caring Anunnaki IGIGI that tried to fight Anunnaki royal lineage tyranny and desired to procreate and setup families on Earth where they would have more rights and liberties than they did on Nibiru. This angered Enlil very much and he decided to let many of them perish during the Younger Dryas flood incident.

This really angered Enki and this incident set the course for wars with his brother, Enlil. This is where we have Adappa and Titi, newer human versions engineered that were smarter than the previous versions and our age was decreased to 120 years, by order to Enki from Enlil, his brother.

After Enlil realized that humans were achieving too much as one race that spoke one language, he ordered Enki to break us up and to mark us genetically with only a .2% difference in our racial DNA structure which has already been proven to be an artificial manipulation of the human genome. Racial differences cannot manifest in the time period that evolutionist have stated, it is IMPOSSIBLE!



Well, that does it for this first post of the “We Are Hybrids” series.

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